How to Remove and Install Apple MacBook Pro

Apple released a new generation of MacBook Pro but the appearance has not made changes, use the Sandy Bridge processor platform, and Thunderbolt next-generation I / O interface, the introduction indicates that it might have been big design upgrades inner. When the date of this new machine list, dismantling experts iFixit disassembled to release their report.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286

The dismantling of this new model 15" MacBook Pro, the first time comes with a quad-core Core i7 processor. The left side of the USB interface in the figure upgraded to new Thunderbolt interface, replace the original Mini DisplayPort (Mini DP device / adapter interface can still be used in the Thunderbolt).

MacBook Pro 15

Even after upgrading, but the model is still A1286, this model have not changed since October 2008.
MacBook Pro 15 Since the design has not changed, so let's disassemble immediately without further ado. Fortunately, Apple also design that the laptop memory,latpop hard drives are user replaceable components, so there is no use special pentagonal or hexagonal screws in in the MacBook Pro, but uses standard screws.
MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 Bottom Case

Open the macbook pro bottom cover to glance.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 memory

In addition to upgrade to Sandy Bridge, this new laptop's memory also upgraded to DDR3 1333MHz.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 battery

The capacity of this 15 inches new macbbok pro battery is 77.5Whr, the same with the previous generations, but the nominal life time of wireless Internet access fell from 8-9 hours to 7 hours. We have no opportunity to experience Apple's calculation but quad-core processors really lead to shortened battery life.

MacBook Pro 15 The macbook pro battery use Triangular screws fixed.
MacBook Pro 15 Disconnect the macbook pro battery cable. This design allows connection without disconnecting the battery for easy maintenance.
MacBook Pro 15 Remove the laptop battery
MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 wireless card

The upper left corner of laptop is the wireless card, design changed the antenna from 3 to 4 roots.

MacBook Pro 15 Disconnect the wireless module cable.
MacBook Pro 15 Take the new wireless module out.
MacBook Pro 15 Shield removed, you can see the new card using the Broadcom BCM4331 chip, support 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11n WiFi, 3x3 MIMO.
MacBook Pro 15 Back of Wireless Card
MacBook Pro 15 This Wireless LAN frame is aluminum, previous generations is plastic. Design changes should be needed for cooling, support was also used as a wireless network card heat sink.
MacBook Pro 15>

Macbook Pro A1286 Cpu Fan

As same as the previous generations 15" macbook pro, this new Apple macbook pro A1286 built two sets of cooling fans.

MacBook Pro 15 Remove the cpu fan.
MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 Motherboard

Remove the screws around the macbook pro motherboard.

MacBook Pro 15 Various components are still connected to the laptop motherboard.
MacBook Pro 15 Remove the macbook pro motherboard and heat sink aAt the same time.
MacBook Pro 15 Remove the main radiator. On the basis of the previous generation models this model increase of two small heat radiator.
MacBook Pro 15 One is for the HM65 chipset cooling. The previous generation model did not use the chipset heat sink.
MacBook Pro 15 The other is a heat sink under the Thunderbolt controllers.
MacBook Pro 15 Thunderbolt controller chip,After removal of grease.
MacBook Pro 15

AMD Radeon HD 6490M GPU

MacBook Pro 15

Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processors

MacBook Pro 15

Positive picture of the macbook motherboard, the main chip includes

Red: Intel BD82HM65 Chipset

Orange: AMD Radeon HD 6490M GPU

Yellow: Intel Core i7-2639QM processor

Green: Broadcom BCM5776B0KMLG integrated Gigabit Ethernet controller and card reader

Blue: Intel L051NB32 EFL Thunderbolt Interface Controller

Purple: Parade PS8301 U08FUC

Black: TDK 6T213HF 1045 H

MacBook Pro 15

The chips on the back of Macbook pro motherBoard are:

Red: Samsung K4G10325FE-HC04 1Gb GDDR5 memory total of two particles 256MB

Orange: Cirrus 4206 audio chip

Yellow: SMSC USB25138 USB 2.0 Hub Controller

Green: Lattice Semiconductor non-volatile FPGA LFXP2-5E

Blue: ST 6640 N053

Purple: Intersil ISL6263 CHRZ and ISL6236 IRZ single-phase synchronous PWM power for the GPU

Black: Cypress CY8C24794-24L

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 Cover

After removal of the parts the macbook pro motherboard, and there is no big difference between the previous generations models.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 Hinge

The small plastic parts near the macbook hinge and lcd screen, the role is fix the cable when opened and close the macbooke screen.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 DVD driver

Panasonic suction-type 8x SuperDrive DVD burner, model UJ8A8, is slightly different from previous generations models UJ898.

MacBook Pro 15 MacBook Pro 15

New MBP a worrying problem is that the assembly appears more difficulty. Subwoofer near a screw has been spent grinding, there is an infrared sensor is not completely plugged in ZIF socket. Ordinarily these situations should not appear in the price of a $ 1,800 notebook.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Pro A1286 Parts

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